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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Treasure Trove

Labor Day was pretty uneventful. Since surgery still can't do a whole lot. Was so so incredibly bored that I spent a total of ten hours cleaning out the treasure trove aka my garage. Now to all that know me, know that is a HUGE deal!! Especially since Ken has been trying to get me to clean out the garage for I'd say a year and a half. Please Ken has been willing to clean my entire garage by himself if I would let him. While means throwing out all my treasures. For those who know me & Ken they know he tells me I am a big hoarder! I agree but only where the garage is concerned!!!! So since I still cannot work for  a whole 5 more weeks the plan is to spend just 15 min a day in the garage until it is clean. Change one thing right!!!!

So, after  only 5 months Ken FINALLY has a space for a work area. Priceless!!!

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  1. About time you get your tush in "the treasure trove" and cleaned it out! Great start... lol