"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beginning to Rebuild

I have to restore my spirit. I have strayed from my belief that happiness comes from inside of me. I misplaced how significant it is to find happiness from within. Instead, I started turning to a man to make me happy. I am once again, focusing on finding happiness inside of Christine. Presently, I am getting in touch with my “authentic self”.   
Every time you lose control to negative emotions like anger, disparagement, resentment, or rage, you allow those negative feelings to have power over you. It is easy to remain in a state of frenzy. It is an undertaking to leave behind these detrimental behaviors. You need to persevere & thwart all destructive mind-sets.
My intention is to reclaim my unadulterated self.  To fill myself with creativity and oodles of positive energy! I need to “dig down deep” for my inner strength. Thank goodness I do not need “to dig” too deep! The power & strength that comes from inside one's self cannot be lost like a set of keys. Once you create a life with meaning, purpose, and vitality, it can never be taken away from you!


  1. You are correct you do not need to dig too deep. You have already mastered the fundamentals. You just need to redevelop your skills.

  2. In horse racing, the greater spirit of a horse is recognized by other horses, and i recognize a GREAT spirit in you Christine. You don't have to dig deep.

  3. Christine you don't seem to have lost your happiness. You are one of the most positive and great energy people I have EVER come across. Whenever I see you not only do I get an amazing massage I feel if I need it I get a counseling session since you always have good advice and listen. Chin up!

  4. Christine your massages extend into my day to day wellness. You have a great spirit & positive and could never loose that.