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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Football Channels

When I went to www.cannonsatellite.com  I thought I’d just use a few of the extra channels I was getting…no big deal. But as it turns out I’ve been watching just about every football game on TV this year and it’s because now I have all these totally obscure sports channels to try to find them on. I sometimes find myself watching games I really couldn’t care less about mostly because they’re on. I feel like if I can stay home and catch some sports without having to go to a buddy’s house or a sports bar I’m saving money and being more productive in some way. At least I can do laundry while I’m watching the game! Anyway, I love being part of a team’s fanbase and the Dawgs are my number one. They’re having an okay year this year but it’s tough going from being the best all the time to just being okay. There’s nothing in me that’s a fairweather fan but sometimes I like watching other teams now more than the Dawgs!