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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Power of the Glad Game

A sad truth is not everyone accepts or believes in the power of positive thinking. Some consider the subject as just plain nonsense. There are individuals who scoff at people who believe and accept the power of their thoughts. How often do you hear people say, “Think positive!” when someone is down and out?  Most people do not take these words of encouragement seriously. Not only that, they do not believe these words to be useful, helpful, or effective.
Now I am dating myself here, but do you remember when ABC would broadcast Disney movies on Sunday nights? At 7pm my entire family would gather around the television with popcorn in hand and watch the Disney movie of the week. One of my favorite childhood movies is the 1960 Disney movie Pollyanna. It was a family favorite. In the movie Pollyanna plays a game with her father called “The Glad Game,” in which the two try to look on the bright side of every situation.
In today’s society being called a “Pollyanna” is often used as a negative term.  A “Pollyanna” is someone who is blindly optimistic about every situation, sometimes to the point of foolishness.  I however, disagree and whenever possible play “The Glad Game”. To me, “The Glad Game” is a way to empower one’s self with positive actions.
A positive mind anticipates wellbeing, happiness, bliss, and a successful outcome of every circumstance that life throws at them. Thinking constructively leads to an incredible outcome of every situation and action. If one accepts the mind set of positive thinking they open themselves for success! Positive thinking is a mental attitude that acknowledges into one’s thoughts, words, and feelings. Optimistic is conductive to growth, progress, and triumph over all. Maintaining an upbeat outlook supports productive and favorable results.
Being Positive is an outlook in life in which thinking daily positive thoughts, and using positive words, positive quotes and phrases in daily language, become the habit, priority and the guiding philosophy in life. In short, the power of positive thinking lies in successfully applying positive measures to one's life. I take pleasure in being a “Pollyanna”.

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  1. Christine,
    Hey Girl you are one of the most positive people I know. YES!!!! You are a Pollyanna LOL