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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My email address

So, if you are someone I email than you know my email to be whackurpond. My daughter, my dad, and any boyfriend hates it. Most people assume my email address is sexual. So, I am explaining for all to read why I choose whackurpond.
Scientists conducted an experiment involving a little frog. In their lab was a vat of steaming, boiling hot water. They wanted to determine how the frog would react when dropped into the vat. They held the squirming little frog over vat. Focusing intently on what they were about to do they dropped the frog … ZING!!! Faster than a bolt of blazed lightning that little guy burst into the air!

"Hmmmmm," the scientists murmured amongst themselves. They did it again. Same frog, same vat of steaming water and … Same result.

They then took that same frog, and held it over a different vat of water. Only this time the water was lukewarm, not too cold, not too hot just right. They dropped the frog and … NOTHING!!! The little guy just laid there, floating lazily; arms and legs splayed gently on the water's surface. You can just imagine the frog's thoughts: Man, this is all right! This is perfect. The frog laid in the water contented, happy, and relaxed. But - What the frog didn't know was that underneath the vat was a raging fire. It was slowly, but surely, heating the vat of water. The contented frog, oblivious to the changing temperature, boiled to death!
End of story. You're probably thinking to yourself: what a terrible story.

Think again. Apply this story of the frog to that of your own life right now. If any of you are like me, then you've probably come to a startling revelation. If you are really serious about being successful in achieving your goals in life, you need to make some changes. If you're not moving in the direction you need to go in order to realize your visions, your dreams, your aspirations in life guess what? You'll end up like our little frog. You'll die in your own complacency, mediocrity and contentment.

So, don't be afraid to whackurpond!!!! Do not settle in your relationships or the way you live your life!!!

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