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Monday, August 15, 2011

Flipping OUT!

My favorite show right now on TV is Flipping Out on BRAVO…have you guys seen it? I never used to watch much TV but when I got Direct TV I started watching BRAVO all the time and I got really addicted to Jeff Lewis. The one the other night was when they all went to a bachelorette party in Vegas and boy was it a hoot! I feel like these people are my friends because they’re so open with their personal lives I know a lot about them. It’s also really cool to see all the design tricks they use that make the houses they work…they’ve got a really modern style and I really identify with it since I’m in design school and I get a lot out of their advice. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll move to LA and start working with Jeff Lewis himself – I don’t know if I could handle it for long because he’s a terrible boss and really mean to all his employees! Oh Jeff, you’re so crazy.

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